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Facebook Ads.

Get attention. Drive results.

Facebook is cool in the same way your weird uncle’s collection of crocs is cool.
…it’s not.

But in the same way your uncle can’t seem to stay away from questionable footwear, people just can’t stay away from Facebook.
Despite recent bad publicity and the fact it’s absolutely no one’s favourite platform, Facebook is still used by more Australians than any other social media site.

And where your customers are is where you should be.

Facebook is the ultimate all-rounder. Want to generate leads and interest in your services? Use Facebook ads.
Want to push people to your site and drive sales? Use Facebook ads.
Want to raise brand awareness for long-term growth? You guessed it, Facebook ads.

Luckily for you, you’ve found the best team for the job. We know Facebook ads better than just about anyone.

Contact us and you’ll see why you’re in safe hands at Midnight Digital.

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Instagram Ads.

Reach people where they are.

When was the last time you went on Instagram? An hour ago? A day? Ten minutes?

We know your customer’s answer to that question.

They’re there right now. Watching someone else’s ad (and it’s not even a good ad).

At the end of the day, you do Instagram ads well – your business does well. 
Instagram was the first platform to be designed for mobile first, so at Midnight Digital our Instagram ads are designed for mobile first.

With us running your ads, you’ll be both finding new fans and remarketing to people who already follow you.

Instagram’s a no-brainer to include in your marketing. We mean it – when you use Midnight Digital for Facebook ads, we’ll throw in Instagram ads as part of the deal.

And don’t stress, no extra fees here.

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Google Ads.

Convert. Convert. Convert.

You’ve just decided to buy that thing you’ve wanted for months. Hey, you deserve it!

It’s easier to buy it online… but how are you going to find it online?
Go to the company’s Facebook page? Bing search it? Go live on Instagram to ask your followers?

Uhh no.
You’re gonna Google it.

Google Search and Google Display ads are huge when it comes to closing the deal. If social media is for letting people know you exist, Google ads is for making those people find your website when they’re ready to buy.

At Midnight Digital our Google Ads will make sure you’re front and centre when people have their wallets in their hands.

Because if you’re not there, someone else is.

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Connect with a new audience.

Yep, it’s not going away. In fact, TikTok was the most accessed site in 2021.

Read that again. The most accessed site.

That includes Google.


A genuine new platform only comes along once or twice a decade. And the big winners? The early adopters.

2022 is the year to get ahead of the game by getting on TikTok.

In our experience, the best TikTok content is fast, genuine and intelligent.
It’s a different ballgame to the other platforms, but if you can get it right the payoff is huge. 

Contact us to see whether we think you’d be a good fit for TikTok ads.

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Get the skills to do it yourself.

We’re not going to lie – there’s a lot to learn in the world of digital marketing.

It changes fast and it requires a good mix of art and science to get it right.

But if you can learn to do it for your own business then the sky’s the limit.

Midnight Digital offers one-on-one digital marketing training services to businesses looking to run things themselves. 

In a half day training session, we’ll take you through the basics of ad creation and the foundations of building a strategy that works.

Contact us for more information.

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Get the full works.

To get the most out of your business online, you need the best people involved.

And while we know we’re the best you’ll find when it comes to ads, for website development, SEO, email marketing, SMS’ and more – we like to engage with elite specialists from those fields.

Our partners based in Adelaide and Melbourne are the best we’ve found when it comes to their respective services. 

Send us a message with what you’re after and we’ll be happy to make sure you’re looked after by an elite team that really knows their stuff.

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