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Karla Herschell

Owner, Coach Karla

Before working with Midnight Digital I was trying to do everything myself… write all my copy, track metrics, learn the ins and outs of Facebook marketing… it was really time-consuming and overwhelming.

Patrick was able to give me clarity on everything, make recommendations and take initiative with decisions. He would make decisions that were suitable for my business and run them by me as I needed. Then he could explain the growth that we were seeing without me having to be in there figuring it all out myself.

The Business

When we met Coach Karla, the business operated a new, growing health and fitness coaching service.

Karla was fantastic at providing a quality service to her clients but simply didn’t have room in her week to spend hours developing marketing strategies, building campaigns and analysing data.

That’s where we came in.

We worked with Karla to develop a digital marketing strategy that would bring her client leads while building up a passive email subscriber list at the same time.

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The End Result

Regular leads coming in each month.

Susbscribers added to the mailing list every day.

A reliable strategy that helped make sales more predictable.

Eventually, Coach Karla was running webinars with respected thought leaders and training programs that showed Karla’s expertise in her field.

The end result? A funnel that consistently unearthed quality clients.

Today, Coach Karla has evolved from a fitness training program into a fully-fledged health and mindset business.

Midnight Digital is proud to have played a part in Karla’s business reaching its full potential online.

200,000+ People Reached With Ads

216,646 people were reached with ads across Facebook and Instagram. On average, each person saw four Coach Karla ads. Talk about some serious brand awareness!

2100+ New Email Subscribers

A growing email list is the gift that keeps on giving. 2100 new people to send stuff to – for free!

$14,000+ In Profitable Ad Spend

Scalability was at the front of our minds with Coach Karla. As the business became less focused on one-on-one services, we were able to scale our ad spend to scale her results.

600+ Quality Leads

Every campaign needs to be rock-solid in how it generates revenue for the business. Once we knew Coach Karla’s leads were converting into clients, we honed in and optimised our campaigns to bring in as many quality leads as possible.

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